In Space..


No one can hear you scream!

So why add sound to movies set in space?…..I think the best film I saw was 2001 a Space Odessy, because instead of having the sound of engine noises the film has music playing over the space scenes. It is so atmospheric   (pun intended) because space is a vacuum and sound cannot propagate in a vacuum. There are not enough molecules for one to hit or push against the next and transfer sound vibrations to your ears. In any case if you were in space you would need a suit, so all you would hear is your own breathing and perhaps tinnitus or a rumbling stomach!

I know I’m being pedantic but I get bothered by mistakes or wrong assumptions. If you are going to watch a space film I think it should be made correctly.

There was an old man called Luke,

a flight into space he took…

No  squeak of a sound

in the vacuum surround

Could be heard, so he read a book.

I’m not saying there would not be sounds inside a space craft either, there will be an atmosphere so noise can travel through that. Which is why Apollo 13 could hear the gas tank rupture when they were on their way to the moon. But if you were outside …well you would not hear it, and if you tried to put your ear to it you would be dead without a suit on!

Anyway enough of my pet peeves.

night x

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