Two faces, two sides


There are always two sides to a story,

one person’s love is another’s hate..

What comes between is defeat or glory

Which side you are on reveals your fate.


Talk to each other and share your troubles,

Never think fighting is better than speech,

Remember without it all anger bubbles.

Give Peace a chance is what we should teach.


Never hurt feelings if you can help it.

Hurt will run deep and ruin all love.

Be caring and helpful if you can make it,

Follow the symbol of peace, the dove.


I guess I’m an idealist, but in this age of rage between religions, alt right and far left, I still think diplomacy is important. We see more things on tv and the internet now than we could ever have seen in the past, when news from around a country, or across the world might have taken days or even weeks to reach us, and would only be noted if you had the money to buy a paper.

We  go into rages about things, clicking on links and signing petitions. Somehow we all have panic buttons that we constantly press. Our stress levels and hormones are at heightened levels. Like the cold war we are prompted to react to every threat, every thought that might be a challenge to our status.

Instead of wild worries about things we have no control over I do think sitting down and talking things through is a better way of solving things. We all have bogey men, enemies, people that are not our favourites. But to turn them into absolute foes, to become bigoted against them is wrong.

Perhaps we should take the chance of thinking, negotiating, trying to understand the other point of view occasionally instead of being in continuous rivalry.

The world is a smaller place than in the past, resources are finite, humanity’s population is continuing to grow. Somehow we need to grow up and talk like adults instead of squabbling like children?

4 thoughts on “Two faces, two sides

  1. There is always a balance to everything, if there is love, there is equal hate in a man’s heart. Nice poem, full of emotions.

    Hey, don’t hesitate to visit my blog page, I would really like to connect with you. 🙂


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