Don’t think, act…. is that a good idea? Sometimes a moment’s thought can help get you out of a situation that you might have a problem with if you acted immediately, but on other occasions you just have to act. Maybe you should not spend time debating with yourself when you need to make a split second decision, but on the other hand, it just might help.

I remember driving down the motorway to Devon a few years ago. I didn’t have time to think when I saw debris in the road, I had to swerve round it as quickly as I could. If I hadn’t reacted I don’t know what would have happened to us. It was only as I was looking back, that I saw smoke rising from a car in the ditch next to the motorway in my rear view mirror.

Another time I had to fix my car starter motor. I could have rung a repair service and paid for it to be fixed, but I remembered it was sticking at top dead center. I had just come from a job interview and was wearing a blouse and suit. I opened the bonnet and tapped the starter motor with a spanner out of the boot. I tried the engine and it started! If I hadn’t got it working I could have got it repaired, but I didn’t have much money. The man sitting in the car behind me looked surprised. I got the job, and I was pleased that a moment of thought had solved the car problem.

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