India and Bandit…

India and Bandit were kittens, born in January 2017. They were two of four born to their mother.

I had taken in two rescue cats and one if them turned out to be pregnant.  They were cute as kittens are, bouncing round the house, climbing up the curtains, spinning round chasing their tails….

They have new names now, are fully grown I guess. I saw some of their photos and they looked lovely. I haven’t seen pictures of them recently so I hope they are doing well.

I have tried to write a poem about a kitten….

Kitten runs around the house,               Up and down the stairs.   Jumps from ground…                                             to curtain top.    Leaps across the bed.

Kitten rolls and plays with toys,                   into everything….      chases tail for hours and hours….             pounces on my nose,   falls asleep and purrs.

Kitten grows into a cat….                         lythe and soft and fast    still she chases all her toys                             never seems to stop      waits for belly rubs.

Cat grows old                                                        now she snores      she is old and grey.              Now she creeps but never leaps        one day she will be gone.

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