Seriously, how do you add hashtags?

I want to add #hashtags on WordPress but I cannot see how?


A friend pointed out today that I don’t use hashtags or categories here, and I replied I don’t know how. I have tried finding the editor section to put them on but I can only see an edit button.

I would like people to find my posts, I don’t want to be shouting into the dark, and I want people to see what I’m up to.

Question…if I put #artist into the body of the text here, will that work?

Is it because I only have a basic WordPress account ? I have noticed some things won’t work because I dont have a premium plan.

Any thoughts or advice will be gratefully received.

#art #stoke-on-trent #Spode #painter etc,etc……..

EDIT… another blogger called cosistories has explained x



7 thoughts on “Seriously, how do you add hashtags?

  1. On WordPress, it isn’t called hashtags. They’re just Tags. You can add them to your post before you hit the Publish button.

    On the New Post screen, you’ll see three buttons on the far right side: One that looks like a flower, Preview, and Publish. If you click on the flower, it will take you to a drop down menu
    for Post Settings, Status, Categories and Tags, and so on. Click on Categories and Tags and it will take you to a sub-menu. Under Tags, type in whatever keyword you want and hit enter. I think you can put in up to fifteen tags. And you don’t have to put in any # signs.

    Hope that helps! 🙂

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