Finding old sketchpads

I recently found a couple of old sketchpads from the 90’s

I had forgotten about them, but I am trying to collect them all together. They may be a resource for IMG_20180402_163425_592IMG_20180402_170812_095IMG_20180402_171038_493IMG_20180402_163002_221IMG_20180402_163514_936ideas for paintings.

The drawings are a mixture of a figure in a landscape. Two drawings of views  in Derbyshire, an abstract pattern, and a caricature of a friend.

I do think it’s worth keeping old sketchpads even if you are not sure the art is something you will use. You never know.

I realise the pattern is very similar to what I now draw when creating digital patterns. The figure in the landscape will be turned into a painting, the two wide landscapes inspired me to do a drawing of a cafe in a wider format than I would do normally. I’m not sure if I’m a caricature artist, but the drawing does bring back fun memories .

2 thoughts on “Finding old sketchpads

  1. lovely work, so clever,love the cats and lots of your drawings and paintings,
    i need to go to a class but can’t go mornings. also have to fit in with terry as i am waiting to get my licence back as i had sleep apnoea.xxxxx

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