Out for food.

Just back from a delicious meal at Sangams balti House in Stoke-upon-trent, the town Stoke-on-Trent City is named after.

I had a King Prawn and Lamb balti, and a garlic nan. My friends had a fish dupiaza and a Chicken and mushroom dupiaza. There are two Sangam Balti restaurants here. I think because they needed more space they were so popular.

There is no alcohol served on the premises but you can take your own. The portion sizes are good and the food is hot and tasty.

Worth a visit if you are in town.

Thai takeaway

After a long walk I decided to get a Thai takeaway. Mine was a red curry with duck. I had a small amount of special fried rice and stole a few of the King prawns and squid from my hubby’s yellow curry because he had had most of the rice. It was really tasty!

From Sawadee Thai Taste in Stoke….