Non diabetic food?

What part of this food is safe to eat if you are diabetic?

A large size pizza ( carbs)

Two packets of mini butter stollen cakes (dusted with icing sugar)

Four large potato’s (carbs)

Three tubs of butter


A box of mini blueberry muffins,

Two large tubs of fruit flavoured kefir fermented yoghurt,

Two bottles of mayonnaise (garlic and chilli flavours)

Two cheesecakes (one strawberry, the other lemon and marscepone)

A packet of rich tea biscuits.

A box of eggs

Shampoo with honey added!


The only vegetables were a jar of gherkins….

I don’t normally ask him to go shopping!

Hubby shopping

Who would choose gherkins and limes for a nice choice of food for shopping?

I asked my hubby to do some shopping today. Get some bread and milk and something nice I said. Do you need a list? No I’ll be OK.

Off he went to the supermarket. Its not far away and he wasn’t going to buy much. When he came back he’d bought:

Mini butter stollen



A tin of tomatoes

Rich tea biscuits

Four litres of semi skimmed milk

A wholewheat loaf.

So I made him two slices of toast with a mini butter stollen on each slice (well they say butter on the packaging, and we have run out of butter).

I asked him if he wants gherkin and lime for tea? He laughed. Then ate the mini butter stollen!