The one on the left is me, the one on the right is the FaceApp thing that is doing the rounds. It’s an android Google app and it uses AI to seamlessly alter your photos. I had a look at me if I was male, older, younger, but I didn’t like them. They were interesting but they didn’t feel true. The only one I kept was the picture on the right hand side (feminine), not sure how that makes me feel. I’m a bit more warty and moley than the world thinks I should be? Ultimately we are all wearing a cover if flesh, but it’s what’s in our minds that counts…


You might have seen or heard about the #faceapp doing the rounds on Facebook.

When I saw it I took the trouble of looking for the link because sometimes you can just input a photo to one of these ‘games’ and it will do whatever it does to change your image.

The results I’d seen looked quite sophisticated digitally and the results looked realistic making people look quite old. But why would I want to look at me as old… I’m already getting there thanks, add thirty or forty years to my face and it might not exist anymore! I didn’t want to post a skull staring back at me.

The app is one that you download and I thought, I don’t want to give away my image and information so I didn’t bother.

However I then found #notfaceapp on Facebook. A few people were posting their own images that they had done themselves. A sort of DIY faceapp. And some were just as they are, no alteration, and others had added props….

So here is my addition. As I said in the post this is with no flattering smoothing filter…

Want to see it?



DSC_1995_optimized (9)