Amazon rainforest destruction.

The beef industry, and the surging demand for meat is causing the amazon rainforest to be cut down. Hundreds of ranches have been illegally created on land which was once virgin forest. The beef is then shipped to countries including the UK and being sold in our supermarkets as corned beef.

A lot of this is happening in Brazil. The president their has denied satellite images of the deforestation is real. Meanwhile the amazon burns. Is it time for Brazil to bring in laws to restrict the destruction? Or will global warming continue because of it.

Wild fires


Over the last few weeks there have been various articles on the TV about fires burning out of control all over the world. Apparently there are fires in the Russia in Brazil and a friend tells me in Australia too.

The Brazilian ones are being caused in the main by farmers trying to free up land for farming cattle. In other places forests are removed to grow Soya and orangutans are losing their homes.

What the hell is going on? Global warming means we need to reduce the temperature. Trees and forests help absorb CO2 which is a major factor in global warming. The fires can be seen from space.

So why allow it to go on? Deliberate slash and burn must stop. We need to restore what we can and replant more trees.

I guess people with real money could help, but it might come down to someone who is like Johnny Appleseed who sowed apple pips and grew a forest? (I’m not sure he actually existed but I like the idea).

By the way does anyone want a walnut sapling? I have a couple that need good homes.