Amazon rainforest destruction.

The beef industry, and the surging demand for meat is causing the amazon rainforest to be cut down. Hundreds of ranches have been illegally created on land which was once virgin forest. The beef is then shipped to countries including the UK and being sold in our supermarkets as corned beef.

A lot of this is happening in Brazil. The president their has denied satellite images of the deforestation is real. Meanwhile the amazon burns. Is it time for Brazil to bring in laws to restrict the destruction? Or will global warming continue because of it.

4 thoughts on “Amazon rainforest destruction.

  1. Two summers ago, in the midst of yet another unprecedented Amazonian rainforest wildfire, Brazilian president and evangelical Christian Jair Bolsonaro declared that his presidency — and, I presume, all of the formidable environmental damage he inflicts while in power — is “fulfilling a mission from God”.

    Closer to home, many of Canada’s leading conservative politicians, not to mention our previous prime minister (i.e. the thinly-veiled theocrat Stephen Harper, close friend to Postmedia’s then-CEO Paul Godfrey), are/were ideologically aligned with the pro-fossil-fuel mainstream American Evangelical community and Republican Party.

    As prime minister, Harper was unrelenting in his anti-natural-environment war against science. There undoubtedly is a serious potential hazard in theologically inclined people getting into high office with their dangerous disregard — and even contempt — for the natural environment.

    Generally shared is the belief that to defend the natural environment from the planet’s greatest polluters, notably big fossil fuel, is to go against God’s will and therefore is inherently evil. Some even credit the bone-dry-vegetation areas uncontrollably burning in California each year to some divine wrath upon collective humankind’s ‘sinfulness’.

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    1. Crazy idea that God has a belief in fossil fuels isn’t it? Considering that religion believes in creation myths and therefore fossils can’t exist unless created by God? Because the world is only a few thousand years old according to them, and fossils take millions of years to be laid down in sediments and be transformed by geology into rocks and minerals.

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