Watering fairy

She nipped out of the fronds of flowers and grabbed a watering can. She had seen the pansies were wilting from lack of water. Strong little hands held the can and dipped it into the water. Then wings flapped furiously as she lifted it up. Along the gardens length, to the tiny purple flowers. A good soak of water and their nodding heads rose again. The fairy decided to keep watering the plants all summer so they would be OK. That summer the blooms were more fantastic than ever.

Its looking at me

I looked over at the sofa and saw, my bag was staring at me, its stone eyes glaring? I knew there were sharp talons underneath. Any moment it could fly up and attack me. And yet it was my favourite bag? What could I do, I couldn’t look away, I did not dare sleep. I would have to watch it until dawn. Until I would be safe.

The owl hooted in my mind, a mournful call, a gentle sound, my head nodded, sleep was coming. I shook myself to wake up. The owl glared. I was trapped.