Pond yatch?

This arrived today! It’s almost the length and width of our settee. My hubbys brother has sent it in the post. Why? It’s meant to be a pond yatch. But our pond is smaller than the box!

I don’t need more stuff in the house. I don’t know how much wrapping is inside the box, I just told my hubby I’ve now got something to put him in when he has passed away.

Hubby and brother used to make toy boats as children, they had a small lake near their childhood home where they built ships and then reinacted naval battles and set fire to the ships (I don’t have to say what I want to do with it do I?)

Oh well, another start to another weird day. Household peace may resume. But I’m not sure when! I just wish he’d open the box, but he seems happy just to look at it!

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