At the lake

At the lake my hubby sailed his radio controlled speedboat. All was fine for a while. He sent it round a little bouy a few times, although he did come a bit close to some ducks though. But then the battery started going flat, he kept sending it out and it started to slow down. He got it back but sent it for one last run and… It stopped and stuck by the bouy! What to do? We threw a couple of stones but it drifted outwards. Oh no! Hubby took his trousers off! No! Waded into the lake with his shoes on! No! Used a branch to get the boat, almost fell over into the foul smelling water and waded out. Then he put his trousers back on (with black and green coloured legs). He had to squelch a few hundred yards to the car. It was brave but silly, people have drowned in the big lake, luckily the small lake was shallow at that edge. But after all that’s happened recently, well I wasn’t happy.

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