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  1. Vanity publishing is a thing of the past. You can use Amazon’s print on demand platform, KDP, which is free. However, a color book is expensive (anywhere and anyway it’s published) for people to buy. So what? Amazon makes its money from the sale of books. You get some, Amazon gets some.

    I like the platform very much. I like designing my books myself. My China book has a full color edition and a black and white edition. The color edition is quite expensive to buy, but people have bought it. ❤

    If you publish conventionally, commercially, you will probably not design your own book. You might, but normally that's not how it works. To find a publisher you first need to find an agent. The agent then approaches publishing companies who might be interested in your book and "sells" them your book. Everyone along the way gets a cut from the sale of the book.

    In both cases promoting the book is likely to be up to you, though a conventional publisher will do some of that.

    I've published several books through Amazon, some just for me, others are for sale. They have a wide variety of distribution options, all of them are good. I've used other print on demand services, and found that one is the easiest and I get the most money from it.

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