Cat pays rent!

Our outdoor, now indoor boy cat (seen sleeping here) seems to think he’s obliged to pay rent for staying here! It is quite upsetting when he brings small rodents like shrews and mice in. Sometimes we manage to rescue them. I hate it when he has a mouse moustache! I’m trying to teach him not to do it, but mostly I shout and tell him off and he looks bewildered (and bewhiskered).

Last night was mad. The mouse he bought in escaped into the bathroom but we managed to get it out by shutting our three cats in the kitchen and opening the back door. Since the bathroom is downstairs it was just a short run out for the mouse. The cats were contented with some cat food and we breathed a sigh of relief. I hope it doesn’t happen again soon!

4 thoughts on “Cat pays rent!

    1. Eek! Lizards! My friend managed by rescuing the creature every time the cat bought something in. They would get down on the floor and adj for the mouse etc, then when the cat let go, take it back outside. My friend said in the end the cat would sit in the garden with its back to the animals and birds. Basically it gave up because they kept letting its ‘presents’ go!

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