Mini paintings

I like doing miniature paintings on small canvases. It’s hard to get small details though as I am still shaking from whatever is affecting my left arm and shoulder. There is an artist who lives near Birmingham who creates miniature sculptures in the eye of a needle and on the heads of pins. He creates them using an eyelash attached at 90° to a fine brush or rod. He works between heart beats and holds his breath. He works at night so traffic doesn’t disturb him. Now that is skill! He works through a microscope and his work has to be viewed through one.

His details are:

WILLARD WIGAN: World’s most incredible microscopic artist with new exhibition. Dr. Willard Wigan’s MBE, Latest exhibition is open now at The Birmingham Contemporary Art Gallery. Born June 1957, Willard is a world renowned British sculptor who makes microscopic art.

2 thoughts on “Mini paintings

  1. I like doing small paintings, too. They’re fun and a completely different challenge. I hope your arm and hand improve. My shoulder is finally working at about 90% with almost no pain ever so maybe for you, too, it’s a matter of time.

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