I’m still struggling so a friend offered to come and pick me up and we could go shopping.

But hubby just told me off for troubling other people. He still didn’t get what I wanted he says he fu(£%ING hates shopping. I had given him a long list earlier but he came back with twenty bananas instead of a pork pie. We discussed why and I suggested he tick things off as he got them. Half an hour later I gave him a list with four things on. He went out and managed to get two of them but didn’t tick them off. He thinks oatibix are porridge and pizzas are quiche! At least he got me some decaff. He’d be good working at a supermarket because he explained they were substitutions! Basically he can’t cope with walking round the shops he gets overwhelmed and wants to get back out and home. I can see him wandering off when we go together. He can’t concentrate!

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