How does this work?

I found this upstairs earlier so I put some batteries in and then watched the sparks flitting round the inside of the sphere. Hubby says it must have a partial vacuum inside it and the colour is possibly caused by Argon?

Does anyone know how it works….

Anyway it made for some interesting photos. But really I’d like to know if it proves any physics theories?

5 thoughts on “How does this work?

  1. Is it static electricity? My old friend had a thing called violet ray machine. He plugged it in and it made static electricity go through a little wand shaped glass thing and he put it on his arm if his arm hurt and said it worked like a counterirritant. Like linament according to him. It was quack medicine from the Victorian era but he believed it really helped. I kept the thing after he died but never plugged it in because it doesn’t seem safe.

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