Is this a map?

OK, this was a doodle for a project in one of the weeks at college. We had five words chosen for us and had to create characters and situations for them to be in.

Mine were: copper, glasses, bedroom, sarcastic and star.

I’d made a crown earlier in the year for a virtual panto I was in. It was made of card covered in holographic stars. I finished the work, but now we are doing a project on creating a map. I was looking back on previous work and found this. It’s a map I think? It’s not what I’m doing for the project but it made me think about what a map is.

I would define a map as:

Describing a place pictorially with images, or using sound to give directions.

It can be imagined or realistic. Using icons or symbols to describe objects within the map. Indications of pathways or roads, ways to navigate the area. And rules to show whether places are only accessible in a certain way. Exits and entrances. Also is the map two or three dimensional, how is that represented. Lots to think about.

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