How do I explain my shaking arm? My left shoulder is ‘freezing’ not frozen. But I have muscle wasting. Because of this I don’t have the strength and power in my shoulder and arm that I had. I try and hold my left hand still when I am holding the phone and drawing, or holding my tablet or even while drawing on the computer. My hand and arm shakes and I can’t draw a straight line! See attempts above. I am doing the exercises but I’m worried it won’t improve. Does anyone else have this problem?

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  1. I have issues with neuropathy and lack of fine motor control which is getting progressively worse all over my body. I really sympathise with your difficulties with this. I can draw if I hold the pen or pencil or brush really tight but then I start to get cramps in my arm. I often find I hold my breath to draw too, as that seems to help a bit. The doctors think it might be MS so I’ve been sent to the neurology hospital in London.

    Anyway, I hope you get better soon.

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    1. I clicked like, but I don’t mean I like the effect its having on you! I was told people with frozen shoulders sometimes go on to be diagnosed with parkinsonism which is worrying. I’m doing the exercises I’ve been giving and hope it improves. The physio said it cam take 18 months to get some improvement.

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      1. 🙂 No worries! A friend at work had the same thing as you and it took a year before she got completely better. Frozen shoulder sounds like just another minor injury but it seems to me that’s it’s actually quite debilitating for a considerable time. Hopefully you will improve quickly and not have any Parkinson-like degeneration.

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