Photo troubles

I have too many photos on my phone, some on its drive and some on its SD card. I have thousands… I tried putting some on my pc from the phone. I have a USB cable with a connection to the phone. I found the bit on the pc that allows you to upload photos, but the pc can’t seem to find them on my phone? I tried Bluetooth. The phone found some woman’s phone nearby, it not my pc. I looked for Bluetooth on my pc but couldn’t find it?

I tried uploading to the cloud, but Samsung no longer supports it, or at least won’t from 30.3.21..? I have one drive, but my phone seems to have another type. My friend suggested I download Google photos. So I looked and I already have it on my phone. I’m not sure it’s on the pc though? Life was simple with film and physical photos. I will have another go but it’s frustrating.

5 thoughts on “Photo troubles

  1. Unlock your phone and plug it in via USB to the PC. (if you phone is locked you won’t be able to access it on the PC).
    Use Windows Explorer to navigate to your photos …

    – go to the PC desktop, right click “This PC” (or My Computer etc.) and select “Open”.
    You should see your phone listed – under “Devices and Drives” on Windows 10, double click your phone’s icon.
    Now you should see two icons – “Card” (the SD card) and “Phone”.
    Your photos should be located in a folder called “DCIM”, and then in a folder called “Camera” on both the phone and the card.

    Now you can save them to your PC or even better, a removeable hard drive.
    It’s best/safest to COPY them across first, and then check your PC or drive before you delete the unwanted ones from your phone, rather than CUT and paste them …. it’s rare, but if something goes wrong, you can lose images!

    I hope this helps. You can also access Google Photos through a web browser on your PC, just use your google login.


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