Woke up to the outside cat on the bed…

He stayed the night again and I woke up with a very happy cat snuggled on the bed. So much so, when I got up and made a coffee I couldn’t get back in bed easily because he was weighing the duvet down! I think he’s transitioned to an indoor/ outdoor cat now. Which is good because he can spend winter in the warmth of his new home.

12 thoughts on “Woke up to the outside cat on the bed…

  1. I remember when Fleet first decided to trust me (after initially deciding I was a traitor, captor, closer of doors and not to be trusted EVER) then went from his safe place being outdoors to not wanting to go outside the house at all. Had to turn meanie again and actually make him leave the house with me and learn he could be in both places and not need to worry.

    Now when he’s worried, spooked by the sound of a squeaky toy or just wants to go somewhere quiet and feel safe he trips upstairs and hops up onto my side of the bed.

    I take that as the biggest compliment.


      1. You’ve come a long way in a very little short space of time with that Kitty-Kat that’s for sure 🙂


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