Friday 13th

Someone asked me whether I was superstitious of the day. I’m not really but I thought I would write a response :

I’m staying indoors in case a black cat crosses my path, climbs up a ladder, meets a magpie, has a fight, knocks over the ladder, which lands on a crack in the pavement, breaking the wing mirror on my car. The ladder also breaks my window and snaps the stop cock on the way down……

Now where did put my rain coat incase we have a flood….?

7 thoughts on “Friday 13th

  1. Haha! Excellent and I love that picture. Remember booking my driving test and the earliest available date was Friday 13th December with almost every slot available because nobody wanted to take their test that day.

    I was desperate to pass my test and be able to drive so snapped up the first slot of the day and I passed too. Best Christmas present ever. Make of that what you will i.e. whether it’s an unlucky omen and curse to every other road user and pedestrian but so far so good (touch wood) 😉

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