Outdoor cat asleep

He came in, asked for a love, sniffed our boy cat. Thought about getting on my lap. Then he walked over to the settee, kicked a toy mouse for about thirty seconds (holding it with his forepaws, kicking with his back legs), then his eyes closed and he gel fast asleep!

Meanwhile my boy cat watched proceedings but remained inside a cardboard box we’ve given him to curl up in. The girl cat is lying over the radiator on her cat tree.. What happens next?

8 thoughts on “Outdoor cat asleep

    1. Laughing though at the mental image of him waking up totally confused “Hey wait a second… what… How did that happen? Kind of sorcery is within this blanket??”


      1. Nawww I’m really pleased to read he’s finally learning to trust you and feel relaxed enough to actually fall asleep in the house.

        That’s a huge step and at least he knows the option is there and he can take it without too much worry or hesitation πŸ™‚

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