Last year

We were sitting on a balcony, looking out over a lake in North Yorkshire. A glass of wine, a comfy chair. The hotel had cabins as well as rooms, all made of wood like American or Canadian log cabins. We had been out for the day to the Yorkshire sculpture park and had driven from there North and East so we could drive over the massive suspension bridge over the river Humber. We then took the road West through Hull and back down towards Otley and the river Wharfe where we had a meal in an italian restaurant overlooking the river, we had a delicious fish meal with pasta and salad, I still remember it. Finally back to where the hotel sits a few miles outside of the town of Shipley. We only stayed a couple of nights, but it was warm and friendly. I would go again, as soon as we can after the virus has faded into a distant memory (hopefully). I need a break. But only when it’s safe.

7 thoughts on “Last year

  1. That looks gorgeous! We stayed in a log cabin at Cropton Forest a few years ago which was similar in that it could have been somewhere up in Rockies it was stunning πŸ™‚ Also Puddi’s first experience seeing a pheasant which she chased through the forest for a solid ten minutes and I was worried sick would end in her being lost or coming back with a dead pheasant. Was less than a year old at the time and to be fair, pheasants are so bloody stupid and keep running which is what triggers a border collie into chasing. It did eventually (eventually) stop sprinting at 100mph and use the wings God gave it by which time I had what was quite possibly THE world’s muddiest, most disgusting filthy dog you ever saw.

    Was also the time she came face to face with a fearsome, terrifying lone hedgehog which I didn’t know until footage from a camera trap set up to catch badgers and foxes later revealed.

    Frightened me to death we were right in deep, dark pine forest and she just snarled, lunged and snapped so viciously making me think whatever she could see was ferocious. Camera caught me grabbing and dragging her away from a solitary hedgehog just tootling along on his way for some tea then freezing and curling into a perfect ball whilst I freaked out and ran for our lives πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I know it’s rough at the minute and can sense you’re feeling it which must be weighing down on you like a tonne of bricks now we’re headed back into lockdown but I truly think we’ve endured the worst, things are on the up and this year is almost over. 2020 has been a write off by all accounts and everyone is gonna be glad to see the back of it.

    Keep drawing, keep thinking and revisiting happier times like this gorgeous memory and let yourself have a cheeky gander at what short breaks in the UK are available to book in advance for next year πŸ™‚

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      1. Yeeeeeeee good!!! Little things like that I find take the edge off and give you something to keep chipper and look forward to πŸ™‚


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