One thing I am missing on TV is Doctor Who. I’m old and I watched the original series back in the 1960’s from behind the settee. The creatures that scared me the most were the Daleks and the Cybermen.

The sets they filmed on were a bit wobbly, but then you suspended disbelief when you were a child, in the same way that some if the special effects on Star Trek were a bit naff with polystyrene rocks….

This photo was a few years ago at a railway station where someone had bought the dalek and a model of the tardis. Strange but true.


4 thoughts on “Exterminate

  1. Sometimes I think the slightly rickety, dodgy special effects make it even more terrifying. I’ve always thought stop motion animation was (still is) even more terrifying than modern CGI animation by a long shot and think Jason & The Argonauts / Clash of the Titans and similar are so eerie because that stop motion is so jerky and rigid in an unnatural way that just transcends any level of “naff” and goes right to level 20 terrifying.

    The Daleks had the same effect I think maybe that very basic movement, robotic voice and constant talk of unleashing neutron bombs did it (They never did anything else other than explode neutron bombs did they lol??!)

    You know what scared the life out of me as a kid? Worzel Gummidge. When he changed heads oh God I was absolutely terrified.


      1. Exactly! Just really properly scary. I was only recently talking about this with Sam cos he’s doing a stop motion project at the minute and wondered if I maybe found it more effective and scary because of the association of how it made me feel as a kid or whether it really is just scarier and he said it’s not just mental scarring it is the raggedy, jerky and unnatural movement.

        Watched the original King Kong again recently and didn’t realise Fay Wray spent almost a solid 22hrs sat in that tree during the scene where Kong fights the T-Rex. 22 HOURS??!

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