Cat on a bag

Why do cats like sitting and or lying on things? This is a blue carrier bag with a couple of fish on it saying save our seas, I think he just likes it because its soft. He also likes the washing basket, my rucksack, a cardboard box or two, the arm of the settee, and especially my hubby’s clothes when he’s got undressed ready for bed. The cat sleeps wherever he wants.

4 thoughts on “Cat on a bag

  1. My daughter’s boyfriend has a cat that crams herself into the most inexplicable places then meows loudly for help when she can’t get out. Hannah sent me several pics with Maisie inside a carrier bag, a washing basket, the vent from a dryer, an Amazon box and my favourite one – inside one of Hannah’s wellies. She went in head first, kind of curled and got herself halfway round but not able to turn completely and sat there making pitiful cries all “Halp… Halp”


      1. Our neighbour’s old cat Yoda used to deliberately climb right up to the tippy top of huge trees behind our house when it was absolutely blowing a mad gale.

        Up there swaying and being thrown all over the place and twice I fell for it, went out in the pouring rain and hurricane type winds to help him down thinking he was genuinely distressed and needed help before I realised he actually clambered up there himself for fun.

        Silly sod would shoot right up the tree and then as he was being thrown violently all over the place start these pitiful meows but I was wise to him by then so we watched him through the kitchen window with a brew.


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