Bike store

Bike shed

We have wanted a bike shelter for a while. There is not enough room in the shed for bikes and they have been scattered around the garden for months. They are covered up but as the weather deteriorates they will need a bit more cover so we have had this structure built. I’m hoping it will do the trick for the storage of the bikes. If not we might have to go bigger!

2 thoughts on “Bike store

  1. Oooh I like that 🙂 I think you could stick up some MDF boards or similar to the sides and then use tarp sheeting to cover the bikes and that’s it. Weigh the sheet down with some bricks on the ground in really poor weather and you’re good to go.

    I hadn’t any storage for feed, bales and stuff at our old place which was hard work being on a hill and wide open exposed to everything. Did a similar thing – stuck up a DIY shelter and storage with roof and side cover made from just cheap wood, reinforced it with a large sheet of MDF to keep rain and cold getting in through cracks when we were in the throes of winter and I used it to storage hay bales and bedding / feed.

    Put tarp over the bales to keep them getting damp or blown all over it worked a treat all winter.


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