Cat got out!

Loud rattling at the cat flap! Something trying to get in…. I went to open the door, but there was just darkness. I went back to preparing out evening meal. Then. More rattling. I went to the door and opened it, our boy cat was outside in the dark, trying to get back in. He dashed into the kitchen and proceeded to give me the biggest headbump ever. Just pleased to see me.

Talking to hubby, we decided he must have sneaked out when hubby went out to put some food in the shed for the hedgehogs.

4 thoughts on “Cat got out!

  1. Ahhh bless him – at least he tried getting back in rather than freak out and leg it somewhere outside. Don’t cat flaps open both sides though?

    Fit a small doorbell he can paw at next times he’s locked himself out and forgotten his keys. One of my dogs started to ding the small reception desk bell to say he was hungry which was all the time. Daughter dreamed that idea up and taught him to press the bell and get a treat.

    Cheeky arse ding-ding-dinging it like “Waitress!! I say waitress!!”


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