Soon it will be autumn

The leaves will turn soon, green turning to golds and oranges, the wind blowing through the branches, stripping them until they are bare. Cold and frosty mornings crisping the leaf litter. So that eventually the skeletons of their veins are exposed. Children making prints from the leaves, painting them and pressing them down onto paper. Making them into patterns. Making them into wreaths and table decorations. Using gold and bronze spray paint to cover them. Adding a bit of Holly or Ivy and a red candle for Christmas cheer.

After autumn, Winter chills, usually wet now instead of snow. The branches bare until Spring arrives. Then buds, expanding into leaves again. Back to Summer, heat, flowers, scents, shimmering haze. Life.

4 thoughts on “Soon it will be autumn

  1. Beautiful mental image reading that 😀

    I noticed we’re right on the doorstep of Autumn too. Hazy sunshine at perfect temp, not a cloud in the sky and I took dogs the longer woodland trail so they could sniff and follow the scent of whatever wildlife was there recently. Few spiked conkers and acorns on the ground that weren’t quite ready to drop so I imagine they were ragged off by a squirrel.


  2. Lovely musing. It is the opposite here, though still cold the days are beginning to draw out with blossoms blooming and golden explosions on the wattle trees.


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