Noise pollution


Two tankers draining slurry from Portmeirion, the local pottery firm. This is the third day they’ve been doing it. The sound of diesel pumps and engines is so annoying. Have the TV on to drown it out. Usually on a sunny day I’d be in the garden. But the fumes from the lorries goes everywhere. I need to do stuff. The house vibrates when they do this. It might not be very audible in the video. But if we didn’t have double glazing it would be worse! I know they have to do it to keep the business going but this is too much today! I took videos of them from inside the house, with the door closed and the door open. On the one with the door open it was twice as loud. The diesel fumes are being blown away by the wind.

As I write this the pumps have just been switched off. The engines are still running…. No! It’s started up again, must have been changing tankers? The trouble is there is never any warning. They start about 9am and then go on all day. Yesterday and Monday it was just the morning. I want to scream. Would post video but takes up too much memory.

6 thoughts on “Noise pollution

      1. Sometimes I think it’s not knowing when it’s going to happen and when it will stop that is one of he worst things with noise pollution.


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