Hedgehog information.


I hope you can read this. Hubby has been going out and buying ‘specialist’ hedgehog food from the local pet shop. Then a friend on Facebook posted this! I don’t want to be responsible for harming them so that’s the last lot of hog food we will be buying. There is also a meaty version so we might get some of that.


4 thoughts on “Hedgehog information.

  1. Yeah a small amount of decent dog or cat food and fresh bowl of water keeps a happy, healthy hedgehog 🙂 We have a few hogs and Mark built a little ramp with a covering so they can get in and out the patio area without being spotted and bothered by any other animals. They moved into the old outhouse / coal bunker which was initially used as my tack room then we cleared it out for Mark to use it as a work-shed / man cave. Squatter hogs moved in and the rest as they say is history…


      1. Started off with a stray cat who we discovered had recently had kittens and was living in the outhouse for a bit and then hedgehogs rocked up more often than usual when building sites and developments levelled fields and farmland nearby.

        I’m never sure when or whether the hogs have babies and daren’t disrupt them so other than a slight rummage and peep now and then we kinda leave them alone and just get little hogs trotting and tootling back and forth now and again.

        Built a hedgehog hotel behind the stables too it’s fox proofed and gives them a really good hiding place 🙂


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