using my PC

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Its been three years since Iv’e used my PC. I am very rusty at this, even trying to type on a keyboard again feels very anachronistic, and its a big lumpy keyboard. My mouse? An old wacom tablet I used to draw on and as a mouse. So I’m struggling. I’m surprised a little paperclip hasn’t popped up to tell me I’m doing things wrong, and I had got used to my keypad auto-correcting, so there’s lots of underscored red warnings about my lack ofΒ  ‘s in words like wasn’t for was not…..grr.

So why the haste to go back to the PC?

I’m trying to set up to do an online course which will need communication via a website that is more complicated than my phone. after spending the day trying to sort out spaghetti cables , leads that run to nowhere, and a monitor that doesn’t want to play I’m going to give it a rest for a while .


4 thoughts on “using my PC

  1. I’m the opposite – can’t stand touch screen devices like tablets or phones to browse and access emails etc. You’d think I was about 100yrs old by how far behind the rest of the world but in my defence I learned the dying art of touch typing at school (probably the one and only thing I took away from school that has been beneficial for life) and went straight from school to working as an office junior. Have been a speed audio touch typist ever since so I need to use both hands in a QWERTY layout.

    Use a laptop for nearly everything. Mine is a cheap, cheerful reconditioned Dell with standard stuff installed and Mircosoft Office but it has everything I need.

    You might quickly make friends with the PC though sometimes it’s just weird adjusting.

    Curious to know what course you’re doing?! πŸ˜€


      1. Oh good lass!!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

        Windows is always a massive pain in the arse. Microsoft is the devil. A good alternative that’s free to download and easy to use is “OpenOffice” if you decide you’ve had enough. I use it for basic documents it’s simple, easy, straight forward to use and doesn’t hassle and stress the life out of you like Word.

        Chuffed to hear you’re doing an MA though honest that’s excellent πŸ™‚


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