I think about the people who are on their own at the moment. There are a lot of them out there, either divorced or widowed, or never met anyone they want to share their lives with. My hubby and I might get on each others nerves at the moment, but at least we can talk to each other. Self isolating for us means looking after one another.

Being solo must be so much harder. Humans are social animals. If people don’t have the Internet, or friends to phone things must be so much more difficult.

Maybe in a few weeks all this will be over. But will the population be decimated. And what about countries where people cannot isolate, places where refugees are gathered together without proper sanitation or clean water supplies. The world is a huge place, maybe going through huge change. If we don’t sort ourselves out, become kinder, what will happen?

Stay safe xxx

4 thoughts on “Solo

  1. I never found “the one” but I’m very happy, well-adjusted and content. I think among the different kinds of people are those who feel more secure as part of a couple and those who feel less secure. I’ve been married — once for 12 years! Once for 6. I really hated it. I felt like I was being confined. I got tired of the necessary endless negotiation, too. I felt as if I could not fully exist. If I’d found “the one” (if such a thing existed) maybe it wouldn’t have been like that. I will never know. Some people are unhappy alone and my heart goes out to them if they ARE alone now.

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    1. You are right I think. And negotiation? It’s an endless process. We’ve been together 39 years. My sister looked after mom and has lived on her own for over ten. Then again there are those in violent or cruel relationships. I guess it’s a testing time for everyone x

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