Mega Giga meals


This is not a criticism of a particular place and I have not used an image of a menu as it will be copyright.

But… We live in an age of excess for some and austerity for others.

I was looking for something I really liked on the menu and I spotted a mega meal of a full rack of pork ribs, a huge portion of chips, two corn on the cob and coleslaw and baked beans. But here is the but…. That is far too much for me. I could have shared with my hubby, but he doesn’t like ribs. So I thought I would ask for half of it. The mega meal was almost £16, so I hoped I could get something for £8. The answer? NO. But I said, there’s no way I can eat that. I want to eat less. Well, came back the answer, just eat what you want, or take the rest home for later!?

Huh, but I won’t eat it and I don’t want to take it home for later…..

Well we are sorry, but the half rack of ribs was taken off this menu….

I paused to think about this. Anyone without a huge appetite cannot have ribs, there is no other option. If you buy it then you are paying double the usual price. Its promoting greed and spending too much on a limited budget.

I had to choose something so I had a cheese burger in a brioche bun. It was adequate but dry, and the French fries were dry too. I smothered everything in ketchup and mayo to try and make it a bit more edible. I left half the bin, but I was not happy. I think they have lost a customer.


4 thoughts on “Mega Giga meals

  1. If that were my place have gone “Do you know what? You’re right. I dunno why we didn’t even think of that sooner to be honest but tell you what, we’ll get you a half sized portion and its on the house. I’ll update the specials board to let customers know most of our dishes on the main menu area available in a half-sized or kids portion”

    I would email them just to let them know it’s not a complaint nor are you planning to post any scathing reviews online but would rather give them a heads up on something that doesn’t just benefit customers – it saves them money too.

    A simple thing like that would help them to gain brownie points as being a restaurant that really does listen, take on board and value its customers.

    Half that dish would not even cost £8 anyway not when they have suppliers at trade costs. Coleslaw and beans are what – 10p per gallon? Corn on the cob and either potatoes or frozen cut chips. Not exactly financial ruin. The most expensive thing would be the ribs but they’d only need to use half and could keep the other half happily in the kitchen stores or walk in fridge, use it when needed and get another £8 from that.

    We’re so wasteful it’s a disgrace but I do get annoyed with a flat out “No we don’t do that” and staff or management of a business that wouldn’t walk for a glass of water if someone were on fire. Too much hard work.

    That photo is beautiful by the way I love seeing the browns, reds and oranges this time of year 😀


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