Not watching TV


I realise that I spend a lot of time on this phone and not watching TV, although I do sometimes listen to it. There is a programme on about Hyenas at the moment.

So what do I do? Blog obviously, but also look at Facebook and Instagram and all those things. So I’m still sitting, but with a stiff neck and shoulders from hunching over this flipping phone!

I’m old enough not to have had a phone in the house. Then when we did it was on a table in the hall. It was big and green I think I remember. A base with a dial on it, you had to twirl the numbers to dial. Then a cradle at the top with two prongs sticking up. When you dropped the receiver on the prongs it ended the call. The receiver was a curved bar with a mouthpiece at one end and a microphone to speak in at the other end. It was attached to the body of the phone with a curled wire. Eventually phone went push button, then mobiles came in….. Its a different world!

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