Wildflowers in town


There are plants growing out of tyres in the town centre, next to a car wash. They are part of an arts project started last year to green the town, I think by Art Stop Stoke? Other plants that are growing up include tomatoes and a courgette outside a Chinese takeaway. I’m interested in the fact they are clearly being looked after even after this length of time.

We tried putting a few plants in infront of an advertising hoarding. But the plants that were growing were killed off by weedkiller. Now the area is covered by persistent weeds. We may sprinkle some poppy seeds on it or nasturtium seeds. Long may the project continue.


One thought on “Wildflowers in town

  1. So the people who look after the advertising hoarding used weedkiller to get rid of some lovely plants which might have framed their business and got weeds instead! Seems almost like karma to me.


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