Today I should be drawing


It’s windy and sunny today. I should be out in the fresh air drawing with urban sketchers. Instead I’m inside with a runny, snotty nose and head cold.

I could still go out, but I’m tired. I have a friend visiting tomorrow and the house needs tidying.

The cat just came and stretched up and sharpened her claws on my leg (her way of being friendly) ow!

Shall I go or stay? Or just go back to bed….

Get some asprin or paracetamol and decide….. To sleep

6 thoughts on “Today I should be drawing

  1. It’s not a light breeze or winds that wake you up and make your cheeks “glow” a bit. It’s absolutely unrelenting gale force hurricanes with small children and animals hurtling past and not much can be done you just watch and hope they get caught up in the corner of a field with all the empty crisp packets and carrier bags.

    Stay indoors with a warm drink, good book, duvet and the cat. There is nothing to see outside today. Nothing.

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