I’m sitting here watching a Video. Yes you read this right…. A video.

I wanted to watch an old film with Jodie Foster in it called Contact. Based on a story by the scientist Carl Sagan. But unfortunately my digital TV is experiencing what used to be called “on the blink” . I think its lost some of its channels because of the weather. So instead of 150ish channels I only have 92. Well we only used to have had 2 channels, so you would think I would be satisfied  but I wanted to watch Close Encounters of the Third kind and then Contact. But the channel that they were on isn’t working. I like Contact because it is Sci fi and about Seti, the search for extra terrestrial intelligence, and I had a citizen science computer program running looking at fast fourier transformations and things like that… Well anyway. I’m watching it on Video. But it was recently announced one firm are stopping making DVDs! They are just going to concentrate on blu Ray and the next generation of data discs . It just makes me feel old….. And yet the video is an old friend. I need to find out if I can still play it if we have to get a new TV…. .

4 thoughts on “Video

  1. Christine I hear you. I can relate to what you have ventilated. I hired a couple of DVD”s several months ago and wondered why they wouldnt work. Back at the hire store the young one told ne … had to have ‘blue tooth’…whatever that is. All this technology does my head in.


      1. I took photos when staying with my daughter, she showed me how to bluetooth them from my phone to her phone ….that was last year in September ….I wouldn’t have a clue how to do that now.


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