I can’t “sell” myself


I just found out I haven’t been successful in another one of my applications to get my art seen. I just don’t think I know how to sell myself. I suppose each time I get knocked back at least I’m less disappointed. If people don’t like what I do that is not my fault or theirs x. It’s just a case of taste. I’m not going to let it get to me  I shall just try harder next time and try and do better research. Being an artist is not easy, but it’s good to be creative. I won’t give up.

10 thoughts on “I can’t “sell” myself

  1. Many artists endure this kind of frustration. I am one too. My decision has been to stop trying to sell my work actively. Instead I am focusing hard on the pleasure I get from doing it–and occasional positive reactions from others instead. You must do what’s right for you of course. But I feel for your disappointment so far.


      1. If it would help, I know some artists get notecards created using their favorite images. And offer these for sale wherever they hang their work in public. People do seem to want these. And I find for myself, it does bring me some satisfaction along those lines. Just an thought. Best wishes!


  2. I had the same problem. Rejection. Now I reject the art world. It’s liberating to not even enter the juried shows. Do your art only for your own enjoyment. The ones in charge are idiots.


      1. That’s what a juror told me, but if you’re alive you’re contemporary. So I don’t accept that reason. They’re trying to force artists to conform to a certain style.


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