1/12th or so of the population were born in the summer months of June and July. Part of those two months are demarcated as the astrological sign “Gemini”.

When I was a child I used to read my horoscope, occasionally it would be correct, most of the time not, despite it being so generalised that it could probably be relevant to half the popualtion of the country.

I don’t really understand why we still believe in such mythologies. We live in a world where algorithms  are used to predict our behaviour, what we want to buy, how we will vote, where we will travel. What out health will be like . We are pigeon holed into data sets.

I guess what I’m saying is I don’t want to fit in with predictive text, I prefer freedom of thought. I know astrology does not control my life, I’m just amazed that people still believe in it.

I love astronomy, the study of planets, galaxies, nebulae. But I don’t think they influence me. I realise that gravity holds everything together. But when you think about it you can lift an apple up from a table without any effort . You have just overcome the force of gravity. The only reason the Moon orbits Earth is because they are huge, massive, immense. But a force from another object hitting the moon could knock it out of orbit. A wave of gravity was recently detected from two black holes colliding, but it was a miniscule force and difficult to detect.

All I’m saying is, yes there are patterns you can see in the stars called constellations,  But don’t expect them to effect your life!

2 thoughts on “Gemini?

  1. I have a theory. Though most of the astrological predictions are eyewashes these days, there might have been some truth in them years ago. No smoke without fire. Just like how you say algorithms can predict behaviour, there might have been proper algorithms back then, combined with the Butterfly Effect, to give you a meaningful message.
    Anyway, I always say that the truth is what you believe in. 🙂


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