IMG_20180801_223026_651something cool on a hot evening…



Falling ice in slivers,

Mass of shakes and shivers.

The cold, blue white, icicle,

Rain turned soft, showy, beautiful.

All flakes are different they say,

None have the same symmetry. ..

Hexagonal, six sided

Wind and air embroidered.

Vast blizzard made of tiny stars devine

of silvered sheen, your shape defined.






6 thoughts on “Snow

      1. I love all that, too. I even love that it’s cold and I have to shovel it. We don’t get a whole lot here, either, as the San Luis Valley of Colorado is a true (if unusual) desert. We get 7 inches of precipitation a year on average. Luckily, most of that is snow 🙂


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