Seeing through you


I see you walking towards me, that face is angry? Are you annoyed?

Your steps are fast, you are moving rapidly…

Stamping footsteps,  arms flinging forward, closer now.

Marching to war?  Marching to fight? What have I done?

Are you looking at me? Your gaze is fixed, looking over my shoulder. …

Closer still I can hear your clothes rustling, chafing, exaggerating your steps.

Your breath is panting, I think you are about to speak …

face to face, face passing face, I turn and see the back of your head moving away.

Like ships passing, we have not met, just glanced at and against each other.

I thought I saw you, but it was just seeing through you, like mist, there, and then gone, a wisp of air slowly dissipating. …


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