An Egyptian statue at the the Liverpool museum of the World. I saw this on the trip we went on to see the terracotta warriors that had been on tour from China. I took the photo because of the contrast between the two. Terracotta warriors are in uniforms and armour. This figure is lightly clothed in a sort of kilt and with a stylised stance that echos the figures of Egyptians depicted on temple and pyramid walls. Even so the face looks real, staring out after centuries of history. I wish I could remember the story behind it. I think this is carved stone as opposed to the fired clay of the warriors. You can deduce some things from how a depiction of a person looks. This man looks strong and fit, but the head seems slightly too big for the body. Perhaps the body is a generic stylised figure and the head is a portrait? I wonder if they had many stone masons making these images or were they one off commissions. Maybe I should try and find out.