An Egyptian statue at the the Liverpool museum of the World. I saw this on the trip we went on to see the terracotta warriors that had been on tour from China. I took the photo because of the contrast between the two. Terracotta warriors are in uniforms and armour. This figure is lightly clothed in a sort of kilt and with a stylised stance that echos the figures of Egyptians depicted on temple and pyramid walls. Even so the face looks real, staring out after centuries of history. I wish I could remember the story behind it. I think this is carved stone as opposed to the fired clay of the warriors. You can deduce some things from how a depiction of a person looks. This man looks strong and fit, but the head seems slightly too big for the body. Perhaps the body is a generic stylised figure and the head is a portrait? I wonder if they had many stone masons making these images or were they one off commissions. Maybe I should try and find out.

My friends talk on Egypt

It’s not often that you can go to a talk about a visit to a country these days. Usually everything is on YouTube or Facebook. But my friend just gave a fascinating talk about his visit to Egypt a few months ago. He travelled from the coast in the south of Egypt, west to the Valley of the Queens and the King’s, then by train up to Cairo, Alexandria, and returning south to the airport. All in eight days!

The impression he had was of a friendly and helpful country. He nly had one encounter with a taxi driver who was a bit pushy, but everyone else was fine, he was invited for meals and shown interesting places and restaurants. He was able to visit the Pyramids and the Sphynx. Also an amphitheatre in Alexandria which was recently discovered and was Roman.

The life of the country was shown in detail, making for a really interesting evening.