Camp coffee

Memory…. I just commented on a friend post about my introduction to coffee.

I wrote: We used to have ‘camp coffee’, a coffee substitute made with chicory. It came in a tall square bottle with a Scottish bagpipe player on the front. The contents were a dark brown liquid. We had it with sterilised milk. It was horrible! Then we had ‘mellow birds’ coffee. It was bitter if you put enough in to give it some flavour!

I remember the way the coffee essence was brown and sticky. It used to run down the outside of the bottle, leave stains on the tablecloth. I didn’t drink coffee till I was in my teens, I used to drink tea or ‘pop’. Our pop was delivered in the evening by a van. I think it was Corona pop, we used to have big bottles of raspberry, orange, dandelion and burdock and sometimes strangely tasting American cream soda. All no doubt full of sugar.

Dad had his own delivery – of Davenports ‘beer at home’, I still remember the jingle ‘beer at home means Davenports, that’s the beer lots of cheer……’