A nativity scene?

So, that’s two adults?

There is a donkey parking space.

Breakfast in the Nativity Restaurant.

Double bed, en-suite.

No smoking or vaping,

No visitors from afar allowed.

No ‘angelic hosts’ parties allowed.

Visur or Masterboard?

What do you mean ‘a child will be born’?

No we don’t do Frankincense or Myhrr facials.

Gold, well yes as an exception we will accept it.

You want how many towels, and hot water?

I’m sorry but your wife looks unwell.

We are not a maternity unit.

Sorry, we reserve the right to cancel your reservation.

The hospital is that way.

Merry Christmas.

Watching ‘It’s a wonderful life’

A sstrange and eventually wonderful story of a man who loses everything including his family and identity. He is transported to a world where he no longer exists. Everything he ever influenced has been changed.

Like a Christmas Carol it tugs at the heart strings. If you have never seen it, find it. X

Stars James Stewart as George Bailey, black and white film.