Chimneys at Etruria Industrial museum

Looking down from the balcony of Etruria Industrial museum at the Jessie Shirley Bone and Flint mill. I’m not sure what building the large chimney is attached to.

Chimneys and bottle ovens were all over Stoke on Trent in the past. Many of them have been demolished and dismantled. The heritage of the potteries is gradually being destroyed. Maybe for better infrastructure, but our council seems to have fallen in love with multi storey car parks! Not exactly architectural gems I’m afraid.

If you want to find out more about chimneys and them being demolished, it’s worth looking up Fred Dibnah on Google, he was a fascinating man, a steeplejack that became famous blowing up old chimneys. Later programmes were made of him driving steam traction engines and discussing Industrial archeology.

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