All you need

I’m glad I have someone to love. He drives me round the bend, and I think I’d be OK on my own, but we are joined at the hip. We stick together somehow. Chemistry? Maybe, perhaps we are like an old worn pair of shoes. We only match each other. Foibles? We’ve got a few. I’m sure we would drive other partners mad if we ever decided to find someone else. I’m a believer in the wedding ceremony, richer for poorer, in sickness and in health. All it means is that you have to have give and take in a relationship. I don’t mean you should stick around if its awful, or put up with bad behaviour. There has to be some love. I’m glad I have a bit.

So yes, I love the Beatles song “all you need is love”, it’s my era and I’ve probably listened to it a thousand times, and if you can, try and love yourself as well as others x

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